5 Ways ViewPoint Helps You Connect with Customers

ViewPoint's Contact feature lets customers opt in to your publications, request a sales call and email product specs directly from the kiosk, when your message is fresh in their minds.


ViewPoint Helps Flagship Bring Mercedes-Benz Showroom to the Mall

ViewPoint's touchscreen experience in the North Shore Mall allows Flagship Motor Cars of Lynnfield to influence buying behavior before purchase decisions have been made.


How to Develop a Winning Marketing Plan for 2017

Want to get the most out of your 2017 marketing budget? Create a roadmap.


6 Steps for Creating Extraordinary Work Customers Will Love

Do you have a process for creating great work? ViewPoint's 6-step process delivers creative that's perfectly aligned with our clients' goals.


A Tale of Two Images: Telling Stories Through Comparison

ViewPoint has added some cool new features, like the comparison slider, to help you show off your products in visually compelling and memorable ways.


What is Touch Tech and Why Should I Care?

The introduction of the iPhone, with it's game-changing touchscreen technology, fundamentally altered the way people consume information. A decade later, touch tech has matured into a perfect tool for engaging with your brand.


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Inconsistent Messaging Can Sideline Your Brand

With a visually compelling presentation powered by touchscreen technology, you can strengthen corporate communications by delivering a consistent message across your organization.


How to Draw Attention to Your Trade Show Booth and Generate More Leads

You gotta have a gimmick. Ethel Merman sang those famous words about becoming successful back in 1959, in the Broadway musical Gypsy. But they still ring true today.


Touch Technology Leapfrogs Hype to Solve Critical Marketing Challenges

Immersive. Innovative. Engaging. Touch technology can be all that, if used strategically.