Dazzle your guests with interactive kiosk stands

By ViewPoint Team


Showcase your hotel offerings on a dazzling display screen with digital kiosks.

Who doesn't love a good getaway? If you're in the hospitality industry, you're always promoting new specials or excursions to attract eager customers. If any of your offerings have sunshine, you clearly already have a lot of business, but for other customers who aren't quite as easy to please, we have the perfect sales sidekick: interactive kiosk systems.

Dazzle customers with local information
Hotel guests are more often than not new to the area. This is where customer kiosks can swoop in to save the day. With dazzling display screens, these kiosk stands can provide important and accommodating information to guests and overall improve customer experience.

"Interactive kiosks can present information in a more interesting manner."

During busy seasons, customers can get the information they need without direct help from one your front desk staffers. While there are undoubtedly area maps, interactive kiosks can present information in a more interesting manner. Hotel leaders can provide recommendations within the kiosk system. Unlike standard maps, guests will connect this informative and high-tech experience with your hotel brand, gaining your company major points in customer engagement.

Hit them with your best offers
Every hotel has them. From massages to concierge services, give your hotel services the spotlight on these touchscreen stands. Customers waiting in line can pass the time by reading about just what your company has to offer. Hotels can program kiosk stands with appointment information. Guests can then sign up for open time slots to pamper themselves.

Spas and concierges aren't the only offerings you can promote. Having entertainment in your lounge tonight? Let your customers know. Drink specials? Promote them! Many guests are perfectly happy spending a night on the hotel property, so snatch up their business before the local restaurants beat you to it!

For business travelers, make sure to promote meeting room availability or internet offerings. Does your hotel offer a fitness facility? A pool? Sauna? Let your customers know and provide a detailed map of where to find these rooms. All of these little amenities can add up to a better customer experience. And isn't that always the goal?

Earn some ad money
While we want to help you retain your guests for as many services as possible, there are bound to be some things your hotel doesn't provide that outside businesses do. This is yet another way a digital kiosk can work to your benefit. Give your customers as much information as possible on what the outside landscape has to offer.

Some hotels even pair up with specific excursion agencies and provide booking within the hotel. Customers looking to see historic landmarks or take their chance at scuba diving, can be directed to your digital kiosks for more information and booking details.

Partnership or not, hotels can seek out local businesses and allow them to advertise on hotel kiosk stands for a fee. The same logic applies to any concerts or local trade shows going on in the area. This can increase overall revenue for a relatively easy task. Customers will get key recommendations and you'll gain a little extra profit. Sounds like a win-win to us.

"Customer experience is the most important aspect of the hospitality industry."

The ideal addition
Hotels are truly a prime market for interactive kiosk technology. Whether you're providing information about local offerings or hotel amenities, customers can stay informed in a unique and engaging fashion.

Customer experience is and always has been the most important aspect of the hospitality industry. With digital kiosks on your team, great customer experience will be a given. Entice your guests with your various offerings through a sleek and informative digital kiosk.