Strut your stuff with interactive kiosks

By ViewPoint Team


Interactive kiosks are powerful tools in the world of marketing and branding.

Who doesn't like showing off a little? With interactive kiosks, you can truly let your customers see what you have to offer. Kiosk systems are a great way to make sure you are getting the most from your store at any given moment.

When it comes to advertising, many marketing platforms are cluttered or just flat out annoying. Quick messages on Facebook or promoted tweets popping up on your Twitter timelines pale in comparison to the high-definition, visually-appealing experience of a kiosk.

Customer kiosks provide your business with an unlimited platform for engaging marketing material. Unlike ad spaces or TV commercials, customers have the option to spend extended amounts of time flipping through your various media. From high-quality videos to eye-catching images, your product can be presented in the best light possible.

"Customer kiosks provide your business with an unlimited platform for engaging marketing material."

The magical world of branding
Branding is a crucial part of any business' success, and kiosk systems provide a great platform to build, communicate and engage your customers with your brand values. Before we lay out the goods, let's take a look at why branding is so important.

Forbes contributor Scott Goodson believes branding is the most fundamental move for any business. He goes on to assert that branding is of more value today than ever before. In a digital world, competition is the norm. You can get virtually anything from anywhere at varying prices. Consumers are no longer loyal to a single item; they are loyal to a brand.

Brands are resilient through tough times and are crucial for customer loyalty, explained Goodson. The benefits of formulating a brand through a variety of mediums are significant. Deluxe, a business that specializes in business growth, created a list of five key reasons why branding is important for any business.

  1. Improved recognition
  2. Increased trust
  3. Added financial value
  4. Employee inspiration
  5. New customer generation

Okay, so we have you sold on making serious moves in terms of branding. But, where do kiosks fit in? That's easy: Everywhere.

The coolest kids on the block
Think of brand building as the creative blocks that make up the foundation of your brand. Now, imagine those blocks are made of eye-catching visual content and interactive user experiences. The combination is magical.

"Interactive kiosks can boost your brand in a valuable way."

Customer kiosks can help build up your individual brand in a highly-stimulating and unique way. Would you rather learn about a brand in an email or on a high-tech touchscreen that puts you in full control? That's what we thought. Kiosks can boost your brand in a valuable way. Your digital content will have higher interaction rates and your brand building will be linked to a great customer experience.

The branding journey clearly doesn't end in the building stages. Next, comes the process of spreading the word.

Every brand works to relay core company values. Customer kiosk systems can ensure that your brand is being communicated in an appealing manner. Whether it is through a kiosk game or simply a description of what your company aims to provide, kiosks are a great marketing platform for your brand.

The level of customer engagement with your brand is impressive when kiosks are involved. There is no better way of communicating a message than by direct interaction.

Interactive kiosks are the ultimate ally in any corporate brand journey. They relay key value points in a quick and efficient manner while also improving the overall customer experience. So, flaunt what you've got and strut your stuff with a new in-store interactive kiosk system.