Interactive kiosk market growth to explode by 2022

By ViewPoint Team


The interactive kiosk market has expanded and the retail sector is leading the way in adoption of this technology.

Ready or not, here they come. Interactive kiosks are coming to a retail store near you. That is, if they aren't already there.

Big Market Research recently released a study called Global Interactive Kiosks Market Outlook Trends, Forecast, and Opportunity Assessment, as reported by Net Dug Out. The research found that the global interactive kiosk market totaled $1.2 billion in 2014. Better yet, the industry is growing fast. The study projected the kiosk market will expand to nearly 15 percent by 2022, to a staggering $2.88 billion.

The study cited a few key catalysts for growth one of which, is customers. The interest consumers have in self-service customer kiosks has helped the market expand significantly. Additionally, advancements in the retail industry have sparked an increase in kiosk demand.

Retail in-store locations are often the first to forge a path for this new and effective technology. Over 40 percent of global kiosk sales were attributed to the retail industry. The study hypothesized that this push by merchants to incorporate kiosks is due to improved customer engagement using technology.

Advancements with these highly interactive touchscreen technologies is reaching beyond borders, according to the study. Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa are emerging markets, with interactive kiosks featured in transportation stations across the region.

Retail stores can help boost sales with interactive kiosks in their corner.

Kiosks improve the retail experience
It comes as no surprise that leading retailers have led the way in the world of interactive kiosk adoption. The benefits of kiosk systems at on-site locations are plentiful.

There are so many ways a store can use digital kiosks to their advantage. For starters, think about digital signage. There is no doubt that retail is a competitive industry. In the digital era, almost everyone has equal access to goods, production methods and distribution. In simpler terms, the store next to you could offer the same sweater as you for the same cost. The question today is, how can you make people want your sweater instead of theirs?

Now, visualize this: your competitor has red block letters printed onto large cardboard squares that read SALE across their storefront. A classic approach, of course. However, what if you had a brightly lit digital screen with powerful visual content and touch-interaction capabilities? You would likely garner more business.

Strategically positioned kiosk systems can be a major marketing asset for your business. Often, people are distracted. Still, there are few things more captivating than well-executed brand images and videos, better yet, using touchscreens to display your brand and specific products can help build trust and build more revenue.

Not only are they visually appealing from afar, they also help customers customize their marketing experience. Having the ability to remove content that does not necessarily appeal to them, consumers can pick and choose what materials they want to interact with. Interested in shoes? Check out our store's offerings before you even step over the threshold. Skateboarding is your forte? Head on over to our board page and toy around with customizing your product.

"There are so many ways a store can use kiosks to their advantage."

Business leaders can update the screen with the most recent sales promotions or in-store offerings. Let your customers know why they should pick your store over your competitor's. It is as simple as crafting a bite-size message and publishing it to your system.

The possibilities are truly endless with digital kiosk systems. And retail businesses across the globe seem to be catching on. With such high projected growth rates, it's worth a look.