The Touch Advantage

From higher levels of memory retention to ease-of-use, interactive displays create a more enriching and meaningful experience for presenters and spectators alike.


Large Information Kiosks Provide a Vibrant Visual Presence

Some features and traits of information kiosks work better when the software is paired with large, visually stimulating hardware. There is value in having any type of touchscreen information kiosk on a sales floor.


Interactive Kiosks Provide Travelers with a Little Less Stress

Customer kiosk stands can help boost productivity and point lost customers in the right direction when traveling.


How videos can improve your next presentation

Keep your customers engaged and get your most important points across in an entertaining manner with video content on a digital touchscreen display such as a ViewPoint Interactive system.


Capturing attention: Digital kiosks' key role

Information kiosks begin showing value the minute they catch consumers' eyes, even if those shoppers never stop to interact with the devices.


Four must-have factors in your next presentation

Take your presentation from drab to fab when you include these four elements.


Discover how touchscreen marketing can help your sales

Combining the winning powers of a touchscreen with highly engaging content is sure to make your product shine in the eyes of the consumer.


Embrace the digital world with interactive kiosks

In an increasingly digital world, interactive kiosks can help you make the technological transition with ease.


The perfect sidekick for your sales team

From helping guide a tech-friendly path to purchase to promoting the best service agreements your dealership has to offer, a ViewPoint Touch interactive kiosk is a dynamic touchscreen display that offers a chance to keep customers engaged with your…


Banks embrace self-service digital displays

Banks across the country are embracing interactive digital displays. Interactive touchscreen displays are in the spotlight again; this time for projected growth and ease of use in the banking industry.