Auto dealerships can welcome new model years with kiosks

By ViewPoint Team


When a new model year comes along, kiosks can help auto dealers maximize their sales.

New model years always promise a fresh influx of excitement for auto dealers, and showrooms are no doubt interested in any solution that can maximize the impact of these changeovers. Dealerships need to refresh marketing materials and get sales staff knowledge up to speed with all the new vehicles and configurations.

Interactive kiosks may be just the device to accomplish those ends, offering a wellspring of current content to enlighten employees and consumers alike, all without printing costs. The information is delivered straight to dealerships when they need it most via efficient digital channels. Launching new vehicles is a big moment, and having the right tools for the job can ensure the related sales events go off without a hitch, kicking off yet another great year.

Automatically ready
When preparing a new vehicle roll out, kiosks with automatic updates are a dealer's best friend. The data can be added to the system remotely, then automatically sent to every terminal in the system when it's time for the car or truck to make its debut. This negates the need for staff members to manually change the settings of every kiosk in the dealership and allows OEM content to be distributed simultaneously to all endpoints within the ecosystem.

Furthermore, some kiosk systems combine this online updating with software that is installed on the devices themselves instead of accessibility via the Internet. This means the content will be highly responsive when opened, and multimedia will not have to stutter or buffer. This is the best of both worlds for users - updated content on a regular basis and solid everyday performance that customers will love.

Training assistance
Getting employees up to speed with the newest vehicles is hugely important for dealerships. No matter how good technology becomes, these individuals are the ones who will convince customers to sign. That said, kiosks can help in this regard, too. The same information that customers can access on their own is available as a training resource for leaders to show their team members, giving them a great view of the new and exciting features coming to that year's vehicle lineup.

Furthermore, having kiosks on the floor ensures that any question about a new model of car or truck has an instant answer close at hand, even if the sales associate doesn't know immediately. Instead of leaving to ask a colleague or paging through printed materials, team members can just make a few easy gestures on the touchscreen and deliver the answer, perhaps even in the form of a convincing image or video presentation.

Consistent media experience
Kiosks can also deliver another key element of marketing a new line of vehicles - consistency. People researching car or truck purchases at home have no doubt gathered some information on their own. In fact, in today's climate of increased Internet access, self-guided customer journeys are becoming very prominent. If the information they find on sales kiosks in-store matches what they've learned in their own searches, these customers could end up reassured and ready to buy.

"A consistent approach to multimedia can even save brands a lot of money."

The content used on kiosks can contain media created for other company resources such as corporate websites and television commercials. This consistent approach can even save brands a lot of money, as each photo or video is fulfilling multiple roles and providing extra value. Whether the OEM or dealership creates a particular item, each can be deployed in a variety of ways.

Enhancing dealership performance
If there's one time a dealership needs great results from its in-store resource, the launch of a new line is it. This is a great chance to bring in customers and cement their loyalty for years to come. With exciting new vehicles to show off, dealerships must ensure they are presenting their offerings in the best possible light. Kiosks enable this kind of success.