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The Best Kiosk Solution for Your Business

If you’re looking for a kiosk solution that perfectly suits your market, your customers and your business strategy, look no further than Viewpoint. Our self-service and information kiosks, along with our bespoke installations, equip you to handle higher traffic volume, increase the time your customers actively engage with your content, decrease operations costs, eliminate human error from the order-fulfillment process, and boost revenue through clever upsell opportunities.

Self-Service Kiosks

We’re revolutionizing self-service with powerful kiosks that encompass native integrations and support gesture, voice and computer vision. Whether you need a kiosk for check-in, check-out, self-order or ticketing, we’ll create a kiosk that delivers an exceptional customer experience and positively showcases your brand.

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Information Kiosks

Our eye-catching information kiosks help you easily communicate key messages and build brand engagement in high-traffic locations like trade shows and corporate lobbies. We also offer dynamic digital signage solutions. From menu boards to video walls, you’ll attract attention with stunning visuals.

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Custom Installations

If your project is unique or complex — for instance requiring numerous integrations or non-standard capabilities — we’ll develop custom software using leading user interface-building Javascript libraries like React. With a custom build, you’ll enjoy unparalleled flexibility, including the ability to incorporate endless custom integrations and powerful analytics, and gain greater control over functionality.

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