Video content can cement retailers' brands

A kiosk filled with compelling video content can be a great tool for marketing communications, merchandising and selling. When companies have an important marketing message to impart, they say it with video.

Creating a millennial-friendly retail environment

What lengths should companies go to to make retail spaces ideal for young shoppers? Millennials are now the group to watch, with sellers of large-ticket items such as cars suddenly finding themselves selling to the up-and-coming generation.

With Shopping Options Multiplying, Retailers Reaching Out

Today's retail trends are straightforward but important to remember: Unify online and physical operations and always put the shopper first. Retailers and customers can exchange information through a huge variety of platforms today. This fracturing has made it more difficult for companies to present their messages in a clear and uninterrupted way, and the battle for consumer attention has reached new heights of both challenge and importance.

Supporting option and accessory sales with interactive displays

Software and interactive touchscreens can do a great job of selling the various options available at auto dealerships. Selling a car means not only helping a customer decide on a base model, but also adding optional items that customize the vehicle to suit the buyer's needs. Selling these accessories is a major part of the sales professional's job, and these individuals need to know that the right business technology will be there to help them in this role.

Information kiosks double as training tools

External informational resources can be hugely helpful for employee training as well.

How have the Internet and touchscreen technology changed the buying process?

There is a movement toward digital retail, which means that even retailers focused on an in-person model should be ready to integrate some elements of this technology.

Leveraging data from kiosks to improve customer service

When customers use digital kiosks to study your products, they are potentially providing important data points as to their preferences.

The psychology behind touchscreen displays

Consumers may react better to certain traits in digital retail interfaces, such as the ability to browse products via touch.

3 components of a seamless customer experience

We're all out for that secret formula that is "guaranteed" to accommodate a customer's every desire. Yet we approach this subject from the outside looking in --forgetting about the perspectives of the patrons themselves.

Interactive kiosks: What's the best way to deliver information?

Let's discuss how kiosk usability can be designed to best assist shoppers researching inventory.