The perfect sidekick for your sales team

By ViewPoint Team


From helping guide a tech-friendly path to purchase to promoting the best service agreements your dealership has to offer, a ViewPoint Touch interactive kiosk is a dynamic touchscreen display that offers a chance to keep customers engaged with your product even when your salespeople are tied up in a selling rush.

Car dealerships, at their best, are buzzing with customers and excitement. On the busiest days, it can seem like there just aren't enough bodies to deal with all the incoming customers. This is where ViewPoint Touch comes in - the ultimate sidekick for your ever-busy sales team.

From helping guide a tech-friendly path to purchase to promoting the best service agreements your dealership has to offer, a ViewPoint Touch interactive kiosk is a dynamic touchscreen display that offers a chance to keep customers engaged with your product even when your salespeople are tied up in a selling rush.

"ViewPoint Touch offers interactive screens for digital experiences with a personal sales process."

Freedom, Facts and Fun
Despite the digital age moving much of the buying process to the screens of tablets and computers, auto dealership showrooms remain the heart of the car selection experience. In the most modern showrooms there has been a clear marriage between the new digital world and the old sales process.

ViewPoint Touch offers interactive screens for a digital experience with a personal sales process – truly the best of both worlds. Let's take a look at just what these interactive kiosks can do for you and your customers.

Freedom: Consumers are increasingly independent shoppers. With the rise of mobile shopping, customers are used to guiding their own path to purchase. ViewPoint Touch kiosks provide them with this independent experience while still assuring they are engaging with persuasive sales content. The sleek interface makes the process of finding detailed product information a breeze. For the self-sufficient shopper, ViewPoint Touch is a helpful tool, and for the busy salesman, it is the ultimate digital sidekick – sounds like a win-win to us.

Facts: Customer education is a huge part of the sales process, and there is an increasing amount of research done before a potential patron even walks into the doors of your showroom. As a business, it is important to do everything possible to help guide this education process in a carefully crafted manner. ViewPoint Touch offers a familiar digital landscape with an interactive edge to provide your customers with the supporting information they need to seal the deal. Eye-catching product pictures and videos paired with high-level data to support the case for purchase gives customers the extra push they need to buy a car at your dealership.

Fun: The end goal of every sales asset is to engage your customers. When it comes to customer engagement, ViewPoint Touch is the ultimate tool. It is nearly impossible to walk by a live multimedia kiosk without getting your hands on the touchscreen and interacting with the cool content. The experience is fun for your customers and allows maximum engagement levels. This can help pass the time while waiting for a sales rep or simply help to further engage curious customers with your product.

Customers frequently do their own research on mobile devices before coming to a physical store location.

Repair, Romance and Retain
As any player in the world of car dealerships knows, services is considered a profit center for the dealership. It can also account for a considerable amount of foot traffic in a showroom. Customers come in to get their cars serviced every day and this is a captive audience that can be crucial for future sales. Dealerships should aim to impress upon this audience the value of a potential new car sale over more service costs, when needed, in order to build a consistent base of loyal customers. Today's consumers put an emphasis on creating a relationship with brands. They want to interact with more than just a single product. As such, pre-existing customers are a perfect market for promotion of special services, service agreements and thought leadership directly from your brand.

Repair: Every service interaction is a transaction in itself but the presence of your customer waiting in service allows for the chance to better familiarize them with the myriad of benefits to service agreements. ViewPoint Touch kiosks turn a technical conversation into a visually-appealing and digestible engagement for customers. Auto dealerships have the opportunity to engage their customers with benefits of service plans or with the benefit of buying a replacement vehicle while the vehicle itself gets serviced. This can lead to upgrades in plans or - on a more simplistic level - a better understanding of the services available.

"ViewPoint Touch kiosks are a great platform for thought leadership."

Romance: Who doesn't want their customers to fall in love with their brand? The information on your ViewPoint Touch kiosk can help you romanticize your brand to consumers. Customer testimonials are a great start. Consumers are more trusting of fellow consumers than they are of brands themselves. Highlighting some core customer testimonials on an engaging kiosk can help promote trust among your consumers and spotlight the key offerings of high-level service plans. The experience is all the more relevant as your customer sits and waits for their car to be repaired. ViewPoint Touch kiosks can also be a great platform for thought leadership. Dealerships can provide helpful DIY information for car improvements or help break down common car procedures. This type of valuable industry knowledge solidifies your brand as a useful source of information for customers. This high-level insight compared with trustworthy testimonials can generate some serious customer lovin' for your brand.

Retain: Retaining existing customers is the best way to maintain a successful business. While customer acquisition is a noble quest, true ROI stems from customer retention. According to an infographic from Invesp, a lead conversion and optimization services company, it costs up to five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. The probability of selling to a new customer is a mere 5 to 20 percent, whereas existing customers have a 60 to 70 percent probability rate. The success lies in the experience you provide your existing customers. In fact, 89 percent of organizations cite customer experience as a driving factor for customer loyalty and retention. ViewPoint Touch allows for auto dealership to woo the customers they have in order to ensure their continued business.