Modernizing your auto dealership

By ViewPoint Team


When dealerships are selling similar vehicles at comparable prices, customers may gravitate toward the choice that makes them more comfortable via technology.

Cars are evolving quickly, with new on-board technology, digital entertainment options and high-efficiency engines making vehicles wholly new and different from models only a few years older. However, they are still being sold in largely the same way. You may be feeling the need to enhance your auto showroom and keep up with the pace of evolution in other areas.

"Ensuring everything works smoothly gives buyers a clear path from browsing digitally to deciding."

The interactive touch kiosk revolution
Interestingly, one of the most important components of modern automotive development - powerful touchscreen interfaces - is applicable to improving your dealership's customer experience. Consumers are comfortable with today's hands-on interfaces and if you want to give them a compelling way to interact with and learn about your vehicle offerings, this technology can do the trick. Today's shopping mindset has moved to an independent and self-directed model, which also bodes well for the success of such an installation.

When walking into a dealership and encountering a large, vibrant screen that has a responsive and fully featured kiosk for their perusal, customers may feel at ease to browse the offerings at hand and make choices about preferred options. The rise of the Internet as the premier buyer education tool has had an effect on the way individuals explore their future purchases. Placing that experience within their reach in your showroom confirms that you have kept up with the times and are ready to serve their needs.

A highly responsive experience driven by dedicated software is an especially important element. Reducing any frustration that might be caused by latent Internet connections and providing an even better than expected touchscreen experience can add to the customer's immersion. Eliminating any tech issues and ensuring everything works smoothly gives buyers a clear path from browsing digitally to deciding.

There is also room to make way for a large fleet of vehicle choices in a digital system. Even if you don't have physical space for every car you are capable of selling, customers can browse the whole line through an interactive kiosk, getting plenty of information about any of these vehicles guided by either their own initiative or the help of a service representative.

The future belongs to the young
Millennials make up the rising generation, and they are becoming your customers as they grow mature enough to buy cars. These individuals are comfortable with technology - they have grown up surrounded by it. Before they talk to sales professionals, they may want to interact with your products in a digital space, extending the online browsing experience into your showroom.

When dealerships are offering similar vehicles and pricing, people will often lean toward the one that makes them feel comfortable and welcome. In an era defined by technology, modernizing your showroom from a tech perspective can ensure you are the brand that gets the nod. Part of a modern makeover for your showroom could come in the form of interactive kiosk solutions, helping to provide an overall powerful customer experience.