Digital signage is the new black

Digital Signal

By ViewPoint Team


Digital signage has a laundry list of advantages to help your business succeed.

As with most things in this world, signage is increasingly becoming a digital product. Gone are the days of paper-crafted sales signs; say hello to the future of digital signage.

While paper signs did their duty for many years, the digital equivalent is eye-catching on a whole new level. Like the switch from unruly landlines to compact and efficient mobile phones, the advent of digital signage helps businesses get the most bang for their buck with a sleek design to boot.

The benefits don't end with the design. In fact, there is a laundry list of advantages to implementing digital signage in and around your store locations. Whether it be a clothing outlet, a restaurant or an auto dealership, these modern dynamic touch displays can make a measurable difference to your business.

"Your business can use interactive marketing touch displays to stand out from the crowd."

1. All eyes on you: The point of marketing is to get people to pay attention to your business. You want customers to notice your ads, engage with them and ultimately make a purchase. It's a simple formula that is made even simpler with digital signage. While these digital display solutions are becoming more commonplace, they are by no means standard. As such, your business can use these new marketing tools as a way to stand out from the crowd. Imagine walking by a large, dynamic media screen playing an interesting video versus a sign detailing standard sales opportunities, we'd be willing to bet a pretty penny on where your eyes would go first. In fact, Digital Signage Today reported that publicly displayed videos grab a consumer's attention 70 percent of the time. Seems like a no-brainer to us.

2. Keep 'em coming: Digital signage is great because it is not limited in the information it can provide. While traditional signage relays one clear message, digital options can let customers know about current deals and future promotional opportunities. While it is awesome to secure a single sale from a consumer, it is 100 times better to keep them coming back for more. Digital display solutions provide this customer experience advantage for any business. Once a customer has learned about the offers for today, they can browse future sales and offerings on your interactive marketing display. This is a great source of information for consumers because they can hone in strictly on the deals they are interested in instead of having to sift through irrelevant information. Create loyal customers with repeat purchases using these sleek digital systems.

3. Cut those costs: We love customers and we are sure you do too, but beyond sales and customer engagement, what is in it for you? The answer is simple: savings. Sure, digital signage technology and hardware will cost you some big bucks initially but the long-term savings make it worthwhile. You know the saying: the ends justify the means. Printed signs, over time, can become very costly, especially if you are a business with constantly updated promotions. While some of these signs can be reused in years to come, many cannot. With the ability to update these new digital systems, fresh content can be uploaded to your touch system and presented to consumers with no extra cost to you. Past material can be stored for later use and updated at your discretion. In the long run, digital signage solutions can cut major costs from your marketing budget while reaping the other benefits already discussed. What more could you ask for?

"In the long run, digital signage can cut major costs for your business."

4. Point of purchase: Ever had a night where you were on the fence about going out? How many times did a friend standing by your side give you that little extra push to get up and enjoy a night out on the town? Digital signage is that friend. Everyone is fickle about making purchasing decisions, modern digital displays can nudge your consumers to buy your product. MOOD, a customer experience group, reported that 4 out of 5 brands saw a 33 percent increase in sales when using digital signage. Additionally, 68 percent of customers admitted that digital marketing would push them to purchase a product they weren't intending to buy. Digital signage provides customers with that extra bit of information that they need to seal the deal. By strategically placing marketing display systems throughout your store, sales will most likely increase and your customer's experience will improve.

5. Customers just wanna have fun: Shopping is almost always a fun experience, but approaching a long line after finding the perfect items can often put a drag on the whole experience. That is, unless there is something there to occupy you. Dynamic digital displays that provide engaging content can produce interactive marketing experiences to keep customers captivated while they wait to make their purchase at the cash register. Retailers have begun strategically placing these systems by checkout areas in order to keep customer engagement high and frustration regarding wait times low. Advanced technology via digital signage can also integrate queue management systems into modern digital stands. The device will then display estimated wait times and direct customers to the nearest available register. These features have helped decrease the perceived wait time by 35 percent for consumers, as reported by Digital Signage Today.

With all these benefits, digital signage seems to be one of the best new marketing tools out there. Cost reduction, increased revenue and improved customer experiences are just some of the many benefits and improvements new digital touch solutions can provide. Building trust, building relationships that ultimately build business is a powerful combination found with interactive digital signage.

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