Maximize Brand Engagement with Eye-Catching Information Kiosks

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Get ready to connect with audiences in powerful ways. With your branded content and Viewpoint’s creative vision, technical excellence and show-stopping design, your large-format information kiosk will make an impact!

Looking for a more individual solution? We’ll design a tablet-based interactive experience perfect for one-on-one sales interactions. Whatever option you choose, your Viewpoint experience will drive trade show ROI, boost sales engagement, and energize your brand.

Research shows that 83% of people recall information presented on interactive screens and kiosks.

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Trade Shows

  • Showcase products via dazzling visuals and captivating narrative
  • Pique curiosity with interactive tech that makes your message stand out
  • Explain complex information memorably

Lobby Kiosks

  • Modernize your lobby with convenient digital tech
  • Connect with visitors when they’re at your business, college or university
  • Strengthen brand awareness

Digital Signage

  • Inform, entertain and inspire potential customers
  • Simple set up, reliable support
  • Send content to any screen from anywhere 24/7/365


  • Help visitors more easily navigate large buildings and complex campuses
  • Feature interactive maps and directions
  • Promote visitor safety at complex facilities like hospitals and airports

Product Tablets

  • Tell a consistent brand story via iPad
  • Enhance one-on-one sales interactions
  • Push content updates to your entire sales force at once


  • Use game elements like puzzles and quizzes to make your message memorable
  • Help users quickly learn new concepts and better retain information
  • Motivate and engage audiences