Streamline Operations with Self-Service Kiosks

Man touching touchscreen

People hate to wait, so don’t make them! Self-service kiosks – also known as self-order kiosks – streamline your operations and enhance the guest experience by empowering your customers to complete transactions independently. Self-order kiosks are perfect for quick-service restaurants, grocery and retail stores, hotels, government offices and elsewhere.

A kiosk in your facility means customers won’t need to queue at the counter to order their half-caf iced vanilla pick-me-up, search for a salesperson to ring up a new pair of Chuck Taylors, or take a number to see a clerk for a marriage license.

Operate leaner and more efficiently while still delivering a premium guest experience that prioritizes convenience.

Skewed office view

QSR Ordering

  • Deliver convenient, contactless guest experience
  • Leverage robust front and back-of-house management systems
  • Easily control menus, inventory 


  • Shrink wait time and boost guest convenience
  • Standardize check-in procedure
  • Free your staff for other tasks


  • Provide convenient, cashless checkout
  • Improve and accelerate service
  • Decrease security risks


  • Dispense tickets, cards and receipts
  • Allow customers to pay fines and renew registrations unassisted
  • Speed service and eliminate wait time

Bill Payment

  • Provide fast, secure service for customers who prefer to pay bills with cash, check, card or money orders
  • Increase customer convenience while reducing transaction overhead