Samsung Taps ViewPoint Interactive Solutions to Collaborate on Smart Kiosks


ViewPoint chosen to join select group of Samsung Kiosk global partners for its creative vision, technical excellence and award-winning UX team

WALTHAM, MA – MARCH 29, 2022 – ViewPoint Interactive Solutions (“ViewPoint”), creators of high-performance touch, voice and gesture-powered interactions, today announced that it has been selected by Samsung to partner in the development of its powerful performance kiosks. Known for its award-winning in-house teams of UX (user experience) and visual designers, and custom software developers, ViewPoint will work with the respected global tech leader to develop high-performing digital kiosk experiences.

“In our enduring pursuit to build the most revolutionary technologies and capabilities to help brands enhance customer interactions and gain cost-and-time efficiencies, we enlist best-in-class partners,” commented Chris Mertens, Vice President of US Sales, Displays at Samsung Electronics America. “The ViewPoint team brings exceptional creative vision and technical excellence that has strengthened our ability to make our kiosks more intuitive and flexible, and incorporate additional built-in tools and captivating, high-impact visuals.”

Samsung’s appealing TIZEN-based self-service kiosk is low-cost, flexible and rich with innovative, secure and contactless capabilities. It seamlessly allows for use in any business setting, including retail, restaurants, grocery, hotels, casinos, stadiums and arenas. Streamlined management enables remote, rapid diagnosis and problem solving on deployed kiosks from any web-accessible devices.

Combined with ViewPoint’s custom software and capabilities, Samsung’s kiosks empower businesses to deliver sought-after features such as endless aisles with point-of-sale (POS) functionality such as payments and gift cards, user-centric content management systems (CMS), front- and back-of-the-house order management systems, and near-field communication (NFC) for mobile wallets like Apple Pay.

“Samsung continues to disrupt the kiosk market with its world-class technologies that drive innovation and deliver future-ready products,” commented ViewPoint's Director Philip Chila. “We are incredibly enthusiastic about working with their team given how much our technologies and expertise align. For that reason, we’re positioned to equip businesses with all-in-one tools to help them address their challenges more effectively while boosting interactions with their customers.”

ViewPoint’s team of UX and visual designers, content creators and software developers can customize and tailor interactions and integrations on Samsung’s kiosk, and create best-in-class HD content to offer next-level personalized experiences with stunning visual impact.

About ViewPoint Interactive Solutions

ViewPoint Interactive Solutions creates high-performance touch, voice and gesture interactions through visually stunning experiences, allowing companies to showcase their products through captivating interactivity. This helps customers and sales teams better understand how the products work and solve business problems. ViewPoint’s technologies offer unmatched capabilities and features resulting in highly immersive, customized experiences that power brand storytelling through seamless integration of video, imagery, digital content and striking state-of-the-art animation.

ViewPoint is part of Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS), which has been helping Fortune 1000 companies create transformative products for over 30 years.