Revolutionizing Self-Service Kiosks

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Viewpoint Interactive Solution + Samsung

Deeply Engage Your Customers

Samsung is disrupting the kiosk market with its appealing, low-cost and flexible Samsung Kiosk, packed with innovative and secure self-service capabilities. Pair this impressive technology with ViewPoint to create enjoyable interactive experiences that will have your customers returning again and again. Showcase your brand in a compelling way in any business setting, including retail, restaurants, grocery, coffee shops, hotels, corporate environments, casinos, stadiums and arenas.

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ViewPoint is proud to be among a select group of Samsung Kiosk global partners, hand-picked for creative vision, end-to-end services, technical excellence and experienced team.

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With ViewPoint, you can deliver coveted features, like endless aisles with point-of-sale (POS) capabilities such as payments and gift cards, user-centric content management systems (CMS), front- and back-of-the-house order management systems, and near-field communication (NFC) for mobile wallets like ApplePay.

Plus, you’re equipped to handle higher traffic volume, increase the time your customers actively engage with your content rather than passively wait in line, decrease labor costs, eliminate human error from the order-fulfillment process and boost revenue through clever upsell opportunities.

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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Maximize Profit AND Improve Efficiency

Rely on the pros at ViewPoint to help you make the most of your investment in Samsung’s affordable, high-performance Tizen-based kiosk. By partnering with ViewPoint, you’re perfectly positioned to keep your customers satisfied with an experience that is fast, accurate, distinctive and personal. From content creation to deployment to integrations and analytics, ViewPoint offers everything you need to design rich and engaging interactive experiences that make your business stand out!

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Thoughtful UX Design

Our large, in-house team of cross-disciplinary user experience (UX) design specialists has broad technology expertise and a deep understanding of users. With hundreds of successful kiosk deployments to our credit, we’re uniquely equipped to help you bring to life a memorable digital experience designed to engage your customers and grow your business.

Impeccable Software Development

Unfamiliar with Samsung’s custom operating system Tizen? No worries! Our team will handle all software development tasks to ensure you can take full advantage of your Samsung kiosk’s many impressive features. Depending on your specific needs, we will either build a custom application from the ground up or leverage our partner Intuiface’s authoring platform and HTML5-based player. Regardless of the development method, you can feel confident that ViewPoint will create a remarkable customer experience that differentiates your brand. 

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Custom Builds

If your project is complex — for instance requiring numerous integrations or non-standard capabilities — our experienced team will develop custom software using leading user interface- building Javascript libraries like React. This approach provides unparalleled flexibility, including the ability to incorporate endless custom integrations and powerful analytics, and greater control over functionality. With a custom build, your kiosk will reflect the precise experience you envision.

Intuiface Platform

If your project is straightforward and time-sensitive, utilizing Intuiface’s online authoring platform is a great way to expedite the development process. Intuiface’s high-performance multi-touch recognition engine utilizes pre-built components and supports gesture interactions, computer vision and voice activation; native integrations for sensors, RFID readers, tangible objects and IoT; and enterprise-grade analytics. With HTML5 under the hood, Intuiface’s builds are future proof! 

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Seamless Integrations

ViewPoint partners with some of the world’s leading fintech companies, kiosk manufacturers and ordering system-providers to ensure your Samsung kiosk integrates seamlessly with legacy systems. No matter what you need or where you are, we can connect your kiosk with the right tools to handle accounting data, CRM information, sales intelligence, and POS self-ordering transactions, such as RFID, NFC and credit card processing.

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Powerful Analytics

Need to define, collect, visualize and share data, and manage inventory and revenue? We can incorporate powerful analytics to help you gain invaluable insight into your operations and audience.

Convenient Fleet Management

Our robust software enables you to manage and control your fleet from anywhere, remote or on site.

Streamlined Operations

Operate leaner and more efficiently while still personalizing upsells to boost revenue. With ViewPoint, your customers can order quickly and accurately from the self-service kiosk, which means no more waiting in line or dealing with incorrect orders. Using your kiosk in a corporate environment or have another non-POS use case in mind? ViewPoint adds value by delivering a highly engaging digital presentation that will intrigue your visitors while delivering the information they seek.