ViewPoint Showcases Transformative Medical Technology

Close-up of lab vials

By Stephanie Van Ness


ViewPoint Interactive Solutions’ clients in the medical and life sciences arenas are focused on a lofty goal: creating transformational technologies capable of improving patient outcomes, for instance by vastly reshaping how human-organ transplantation is handled. We’re helping these forward-thinking firms showcase their innovations at leading industry trade shows with large-format touchscreen and gamification experiences.

Here’s a snapshot of three recent projects in the medical/life science space:


Product-focused touchscreen exhibit

TransMedics, whose company is focused on “bringing new life to organ transplant,” is shaking up heart-transplantation programs around the world with its OCS™ HEART system. Transplantation programs have been stymied by the inadequacy of the traditional cold-storage heart preservation method, which limits viability of an available organ to only around 4 hours after harvesting. TransMedics’ OCS™ HEART portable, warm perfusion and monitoring system extends the viability of a harvested organ to near 24 hours, which means transplant patients far from the donor can still benefit.

TransMedics was looking to promote their groundbreaking technology to some of the world's top transplant specialists, who were attending International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation — cardiac medicine’s premier trade show — in Nice, France. ViewPoint created a compelling but straightforward interactive touchscreen experience for use in TransMedics’ trade show booth. The concept was to eschew the typical trade show razzle dazzle to let the technology itself take center stage. The strategy worked: TransMedics received superlative feedback from the physician-attendees, who gave exemplary marks for both the revolutionary technology and the ViewPoint experience.

doctors in trade show booth touching large screen

New England Journal of Medicine

Custom interactive game

The New England Journal of Medicine Group’s mission is to deliver highly valuable medical research and reviews, “giving health care professionals the knowledge and evidence they need to enhance their practice.” Their NEJM, the prestigious peer-reviewed medical journal, is the medical profession’s most trusted source of new medical knowledge and clinical best practices.

Planning to exhibit at several trade shows, NEJM wanted something to attract attention and draw physicians to their booth. ViewPoint created a custom touchscreen “Diagnose the Disease” Q&A-style game. The interactive game was packed with difficult questions (What’s the diagnosis for a patient presenting with a relative afferent pupillary defect?) to challenge players. The image challenges are definitely not for anyone with a weak stomach. (Thank me now for only including this tiny snippet of the game. Click the link at your own risk. You've been forewarned!)

The interactive elements definitely helped turn NEJM’s booth into a must-see. Bringing together a bunch of driven, competitive doctors in a small space to test their medical knowledge in a public forum absolutely created a memorable experience. It was a big win for NEJM, which has used a number of other custom ViewPoint games at events targeting different audiences.

*Note: This clip may appear a little blurry as it was created for a huge, portrait-oriented screen but I included it here to give you a peek at the game.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Trade show presentation

Innovative materials play a leading role in clean energy, health, transportation and industrial productivity. To showcase its work in these areas, Thermo Fisher Scientific was looking for a dynamic way to promote its Materials and Analysis Division at industry trade shows. ViewPoint curated the division's existing content to create an interactive, engaging touchscreen experience. It drew enough attention at several industry shows that Thermo Fisher Scientific plans to expand it for future shows, and is using a variety of other custom ViewPoint experiences to highlight some of the firm's other areas of specialization.

To see snippets from a few of our other projects, click here. If you're looking to create an in-booth digital experience for your next trade show, give us a shout at 800-704-6819. 

Stephanie Van Ness

Assoc. Director of Marketing and Chief Storyteller at ICS, Boston UX and ViewPoint Interactive Solutions

An experienced copywriter with a Boston University J-school degree, Stephanie Van Ness writes about user experience (UX) design and innovations in technology, from self-driving vehicles to gesture-controlled medical devices. Her work has appeared in a number of industry publications, including Medical Design & Outsourcing, Mass Device, Connected World,Medical Device + Diagnostics, UX Collective and Prototypr.