Trade Show Exhibit Houses: Are You Making the Most Powerful Sales Pitch?

Are You Making the Most Powerful Sales Pitch?

By Philip Chila


When you’re only mediocre at something, people tend to give you a pass. Whether you’re playing beer-league softball or writing a report at work, your teammates or coworkers don’t have high expectations for your performance. Instead, they commend you for “doing the best you can.”

But when you show aptitude, expectations rise to the stratosphere. Not only do people assume you’ll crush your at-bat, but they expect you to hit it out of the park every time. That’s why in a business setting in particular, where the stakes are highest (it’s your career after all), finding ways to continually elevate your performance is essential.

 What does this have to do with designing trade show exhibits?

This: exhibit houses like the one you represent are constantly challenged to bring the best, most effective and most memorable tools and tactics to clients. Your clients love you — and return year after year — because you’re excellent at what you do. And that’s why with each new engagement they expect you to raise the bar.

So how do you meet the challenge of rising expectations? Two words: strategic partnerships.

Partnerships Help You Help Your Clients

Your customers want to stand out. Not in a kitschy way, but in a way that truly engages visitors to their booth, promotes their brand and helps them sell. By partnering with specialty providers that are the very best in their niche, you can augment your already-strong offering and elevate your pitch when meeting with prospective clients.

Here’s what I mean. You’re a trade show exhibit expert on top of the latest trends. You apply best practices in design, planning, production and logistics. You can execute with the best of them. But, you’re likely not also an interactive technology expert with deep experience in brand storytelling.

We’re hard-wired to embrace stories. People retain 65 to 70 percent of information shared via story versus only 5 to 10 percent of info conveyed through statistics or other measures. —London School of Business.

That might be a problem as many companies, especially larger businesses with sizable trade show budgets, are looking for that combination. They understand the value of innovative tech for visitor engagement and only want to work with exhibit houses that share this understanding.

To ensure you don’t lose out on those types of lucrative contracts — viable opportunities that can grow your business — you need the ability to package interactive tech with your traditional exhibit services.

Sure, you could try to build that expertise in house but that could take away resources and attention from your core competency — building exceptional exhibits. That’s where partnerships come in.

Benefits of partnering with specialty firms offering complementary services:

  • You can easily deliver innovative tech solutions to your clients without the steep learning curve or substantial development costs involved in building that expertise in house
  • Strong partnerships with firms offering complementary services provide you with a competitive advantage and a consistent source of new leads
  • Partnering with specialty providers with narrow-but-deep expertise is a quick and easy solution for filling a talent gap, meeting evolving client needs and closing more business

Use Innovation to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Want to grow your company with a business model that works for you and your clients? You handle exhibit design, construction, signage, shipping, installation and dismantle logistics and leave visitor engagement via interactive brand storytelling to your strategic tech partner.

And if you’re looking for that partner, give us a call. With ViewPoint Interactive Solutions included in your client proposal, your pitch will stand head and shoulders above your competitors’. Let us help you close more business while helping your clients double engagement with prospects, drive booth traffic (an average increase of 38%) and deliver sales messages in a most memorable way.

To discuss partnering with ViewPoint, give us a call at 781.552.3700.

Philip Chila

Director of ViewPoint Interactive Solutions

A passionate brand champion with a penchant for expensive bourbon and an aversion to marketing hype, he’s committed to helping businesses connect with their customers in compelling and meaningful ways.