4 Surprising Ways to Use Touch Technology You May Not Have Considered

4 surprising ways to use touch technology

By Philip Chila


If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you already know ViewPoint can help you stand out at trade shows and special events, and draw interest and attention from external audiences. But, what about wowing internal audiences — like employees or visitors to your company’s headquarters?

Let me show you a few ways ViewPoint can help you not only connect with, but educate and impress these critical audiences.

Corporate Lobbies

A kiosk in your lobby will no doubt be the first stop for guests visiting your office building. Use your touchscreen presentation to tell visitors what your company is all about. For instance, you can spotlight your company’s vision and personality, provide an overview of your products and services, or present your firm’s history — all in an interactive, engaging manner that lets visitors swipe and zoom on content that interests them. You can also include wayfinding content — say company directories or maps — for visitors’ convenience.

Laboratories and Clean Rooms

ViewPoint is a perfect tool for providing detailed, critical information near inaccessible places that require control of airborne particles. By situating a kiosk outside your scientific lab or clean room, visitors — customers, executives from other divisions, partners, prospective hires — can examine research processes, watch product manufacture, view high-value precision equipment in use, and learn about projects as they happen without disrupting operations or contaminating the room’s controlled environment.

Employee Hangouts

Today’s water cooler is the company cafe or coffee shop. Situate a ViewPoint kiosk in high-traffic spots like these to reach employees where they congregate. Use your presentation to engage and energize your employees by showcasing new products and services, announcing a new benefit, featuring your company’s newsletter, promoting upcoming events, or detailing cool projects the company is participating in. And if your employees want to check out what’s going on in other divisions, the answers are right at hand. Using ViewPoint in this way builds team spirit and boosts employee morale.

Internal Sales Meetings and Events

Beyond strategic use within your offices, a ViewPoint interactive experience can be used in other ways to grab attention. For instance, use it for your company’s global sales meeting or training sessions — or any other event that revolves around a live speaker giving a presentation to a large audience. ViewPoint as a presentation platform crushes old-school tools like PowerPoint and Prezi, as well as newer players, like SlideRocket and Scrollshow.

If a presentation is worth the time and effort it takes to give, it’s worth presenting in the most compelling and captivating way, right?

ViewPoint’s stunning graphics and immersive animation capture your audience’s attention, while intuitive, non-linear navigation makes it easy for speakers to find relevant content quickly. Say an audience member asks a question at the end of your session about something you covered early on. No need to click backwards endlessly to find a slide presented in the first few minutes of your talk. A simple swipe or zoom and you can access any content you need, regardless of when you referenced it.

Are You Connecting?

I’ll talk in more detail about using ViewPoint to enhance your company-wide sales meetings, training sessions and special events in next week’s blog. In the meantime, ask yourself whether you’re doing everything you can to really excite and connect with your audiences. Are you using all the technology at your disposal to provide your audience with an experience that will leave a lasting impression? If not, let us show you how ViewPoint can get you there.

Philip Chila

Director of ViewPoint Interactive Solutions

A passionate brand champion with a penchant for expensive bourbon and an aversion to marketing hype, he’s committed to helping businesses connect with their customers in compelling and meaningful ways.