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Guided Discovery Through Touchscreen Engagement

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Rapid Development of Interactive Experiences

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Bridging the Digital Divide Between Online and In-Store

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Stunning High Resolution Visuals Let Your Brand Shine

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Captivating, Immersive Technology

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Delivering the Future of Customer Engagement

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The Viewpoint Advantage

  • Captivate Your Audience

    From a distance, one of our stunning large touchscreen kiosks displaying high-resolution movies and images looks beautiful, but the real magic happens when you stand in front of the kiosk and start interacting.

  • Enhance Your Brand

    ViewPoint kiosks are built to get noticed. With high-performance graphics, stunning touch screens, and an appealing user interface, ViewPoint kiosks make your marketing and branding content look its best.

  • Deliver Exceptional Experiences

    Today’s customers define their own buying process, navigating among touch points in the way that works best for them. ViewPoint makes it fast and easy for people to find what they’re looking for, whether they are far along in the buying process or just starting to browse.

Viewpoint Solutions

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Custom Interactive Experiences

Whether you are looking to improve your customers' experience, tell a complex story visually, or dazzle and amaze with your latest presentation, ICS, the company behind ViewPoint, can create a unique and fully customized ViewPoint interactive experience for you. We bring together experts across many disciplines to create stellar, customized digital presentations. See more >

Custom Interactive Experiences