A man and woman at touchscreen kioskPlaying Games with NEJM Group

A man and woman at touchscreen kiosk

NEJM Group exhibits at over two dozen medical conferences worldwide each year. One of the primary goals while at conferences is to engage attendees with NEJM Group content. “We have lots of compelling content, from videos to animations to interactive cases, that provide an engaging and efficient learning experience,” said Stacey Conway, Brand Marketing Manager at NEJM Group. “Conferences are a great place to showcase this content and encourage attendee involvement.” 

Conway and her team called on ViewPoint Interactive Solutions for help. “We chose ViewPoint because they offered both game design and development,” she said. “We admired the work they did for other organizations and felt confident they could create an engaging, interactive experience for us. They were very easy to work with.” 

ViewPoint designed a large-format touchscreen quiz based on the popular NEJM Image Challenge. To play, users select a clinical image, choose a diagnosis, read supporting text, and see how their guess compares with that of others. Many of the images are unusual and, when presented on a large-format screen, attract inquisitive physicians. 

The interactive game helped create activity around the NEJM Group booth. It drew groups of physicians who tested their medical knowledge and looked to each other for support. Many physicians lingered to test themselves through several images. 

"We chose ViewPoint because they offered both game design and development."

Stacey Conway, Brand Marketing Manager, NEJM Group
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A Big Win

The game proved to be a successful component of engagement at the NEJM Group booth. So effective that NEJM Group asked ViewPoint to create a second interactive game. And then a third. These games include a question-and-answer quiz from NEJM Knowledge+, an ongoing learning and board prep tool, and a puzzle of mixed-up NEJM images that users have to reassemble. 

The challenge for ViewPoint was to get the visual look and feel of the games just right. They needed to support the NEJM Group branding, and pack an additional punch for attraction on the exhibit hall floor. ViewPoint achieved this with bright colors and subtle animations that created a sense of playfulness yet did not minimize the serious nature of the content. There is cohesion to the design of all three games that is flexible enough to be easily applied to any games developed in the future.

In addition, ViewPoint created a custom portal to allow for easy access to all three games from one or several touchscreens, and to allow flexibility for more games in the future. Set-up requires a simple download, touchscreens are rented on site,  and only minimal support is required.

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"ViewPoint was responsive and turned the games and portal around very quickly," Conway said. "They worked with me to refine the project to stay within our budget, and listened to our input, from design to user experience. This collaboration was reflected in the final product."

Stacey Conway, Brand Marketing Manager, NEJM Group
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