Delivering Success with Extraordinary Events

Extraordinary Events at CES

Award-winning events firm Extraordinary Events was looking for a fun and engaging way to educate Computer Electronics Show (CES) audiences about shipping and fulfillment on behalf of their client Indiegogo who in turn was working on behalf of global supply chain organization Ingram Micro.

"Most tech-hungry entrepreneurs are not drooling over cardboard boxes, warehouses and boat routes," said Extraordinary Events President Andrea Michaels. "So finding a way to make the logistics information fun was not an obvious task!" In addition, Indiegogo and Ingram Micro were counting on Extraordinary Events to enhance their lead generation so "whatever we created had to be intriguing enough to impress CES attendees," Michaels said.

That's where ViewPoint Interactive Solutions came in.

After interviewing several digital innovation firms, Extraordinary Events selected ViewPoint to design an interactive, digital package-delivery game. "It was clear to us that ViewPoint had the best grip on a tech-savvy look for a game and could work within our budget and timeline," said Flo Miniscloux, Director of Production Services for Extraordinary Events. "And we thought the game would be a great way to maximize leads for our clients — getting people to come to their booth and qualifying those leads."

"Working with ViewPoint was fantastic," Miniscloux said. "They really thought through the user flow and experiences and made a lot of great recommendations. The look and feel of the game was perfect, and ViewPoint was very responsive to our needs."

Flo Miniscloux, Extraordinary Events Director of Production Services
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Friendly Competition Draws Crowds

Because people love to test their knowledge — especially at CES — Extraordinary Events and ViewPoint created a competitive, race-style trivia game that pits four players against each other. "We chose a trivia-game format to encourage friendly competition and increase adrenaline," said Miniscloux. "We also chose this format because it allows for prizes. Who doesn't want the chance to win a free Starbucks gift card?"
The custom game shined a light on Ingram Micro's shipping and fulfillment business, as players raced to deliver a package from one global city to another by answering questions related to Ingram Micro's capabilities. Players advanced by answering quickly and correctly. This approach was an effective way to teach players and spectators -- in a fun way — about global logistics, pricing parameters and other factors that people often overlook when planning their product shipments.
To draw maximum traffic and attention at the show, the digital game was set up in the middle of Indiegogo's booth at CES in Eureka Park, the global stage for innovation where more than 1,200 startups showcased their wares. To stand out even more, Extraordinary Events engaged an emcee to host the game, heightening the crowd's excitement and anticipation.
"Indiegogo and Ingram Micro were blown away by the success of the project," Miniscloux said. "It was a blast! People loved it, and they learned all about shipping and fulfillment without even trying." The game was so popular, according to Miniscloux, that many people came back to play multiple times in hopes of increasing their scores.

Extraordinary Events at CES

"The game ViewPoint created almost quadrupled the leads from previous years, including almost 50% qualified leads based on a question we added into the game."

Flo Miniscloux, Extraordinary Events Director of Production Services
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