More Traffic, Deeper Engagement

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Access to thousands of motivated prospects, all gathered in one place. That’s the appeal of trade shows, right? So capitalize on this concentrated source of leads with dazzling visuals, captivating narrative and interactive technology. With a Viewpoint kiosk in your booth you’ll increase footfalls and amp up audience engagement with a vivid digital experience. 

Viewpoint’s digital experiences are not your run-of-the-mill slide decks presented on a big screen. Rather, they are self-directed content journeys blending your curated messages into a visually stunning immersion into your brand. Add gamification to your kiosk and watch the leads roll in! “The game Viewpoint created almost quadrupled our leads from previous years." — Flo Miniscloux, Extraordinary Events Director of Production Services

What can you do with a Viewpoint kiosk in your booth?

  • Capture attention and energize your audience
  • Powerfully convey your competitive advantage
  • Showcase your products and services in unexpected ways
  • Facilitate conversations that go beyond the surface
  • Generate excitement around your brand
  • Build solid, lasting connections with your audience

“What makes Viewpoint so compelling is the company’s ability to take our existing collateral and transform it into a powerful story about our brand. That really resonated with me.”

- Elijah White, VP of Marketing, ZOLL