Streamline Operations in Front and Back of House

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Large restaurant groups from McDonald's to Shake Shack today rely on kiosks for guest use. Why? Because quick-serve restaurant (QSR) food-ordering kiosks and efficient POS systems can shrink lines, allow guests to customize their orders, and help owners operate more efficiently while still providing an appealing and convenient in-store experience. 

In fact, order accuracy and speed of service increase when guests can enter their own order specifications and send them directly to the kitchen. The result: happier customers. That’s why more than 65% say they’d visit a restaurant more often if kiosk ordering is available. And more good news: those customers would spend more. On average, ticket sizes climb 12%-30% when customers order from a self-service kiosk rather than from a cashier. 

With a Viewpoint self-order kiosk in your establishment, you can:

  • Streamline operations
  • Conveniently manage your menu
  • Increase order values
  • Accelerate service to more guests
  • Encourage patrons to order revenue-boosting upgrades
  • Eliminate concern over rising labor costs
  • Free existing staff to handle more intensive tasks
  • Encourage loyalty program sign ups during checkout

Customers typically spend more money when ordering via kiosk or table-based tablet system than when ordering from wait staff.