The role of customer education in the buying process

Customers today are adamant about performing a lot of product research independently. Businesses can turn this into an advantage, however, by providing great informational experiences.


The psychology behind touchscreen displays

Consumers may react better to certain traits in digital retail interfaces, such as the ability to browse products via touch.


Maintaining customer engagement while waiting for personal assistance

Unfortunately, there's no way to ensure that every in-store patron looking for assistance will receive attention from your sales reps, especially during peak hours.


How to turn your captive audience into buyers

"I'm just browsing." It's a phrase every store representative has heard. In reality, salespeople know these passive customers are looking to fulfill a need - they just don't want to be bothered.


3 components of a seamless customer experience

We're all out for that secret formula that is "guaranteed" to accommodate a customer's every desire. Yet we approach this subject from the outside looking in --forgetting about the perspectives of the patrons themselves.


Interactive kiosks: What's the best way to deliver information?

Let's discuss how kiosk usability can be designed to best assist shoppers researching inventory.


How are customers interacting with in-store technology?

We've reasoned that leveraging technology in outlets is the way to go, but before we can use it effectively, we need to know how it can be harnessed to encourage customer engagement.