Inconsistent Messaging Can Sideline Your Brand

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By ViewPoint Team


When it comes to communications, both internal and external, companies often trip over themselves. Rather than following an overarching, strategic communications plan, various departments or individual employees sometimes come up with their own ways of talking about a brand.

You know what I’m talking about. John in sales needs a presentation for a client meeting but doesn’t want -- or doesn’t have time -- to wait for his request to bubble to the top of the marketing department’s to-do list. So, he cuts out the middleman and creates his own. In his voice, not the company’s. Since he didn’t go through proper channels, who knows what shape his interpretation of the company’s message might take. Could be spot on. Or way off base.

Even when it’s not a single employee taking matters into his own hands there can be discord. Say, the Tokyo office’s marketing manager puts together a brilliant piece of collateral, but fails to adhere to the corporate stylebook, instead choosing fonts, colors and messages relevant in her territory but potentially at odds with branding throughout the broader organization.

Large enterprises are particularly susceptible to this sort of dissonance.

Even firms with a centralized marketing or corporate communications department can find themselves delivering a disjointed, haphazard message at times. But this type of fractured, inconsistent communication can derail your organization’s growth by diluting the power of your brand message and confusing your customers.

This is where touch tech can save the day.

About Touch

Touch tech is short for interactive touchscreen technology. If you’ve ever swiped or pinched a screen to open or close a window, enlarge type or manipulate content -- say, on your smartphone or tablet -- you’re already familiar with touch tech.

To empower businesses, companies like ViewPoint have taken this technology to a whole new level. We create robust, visually compelling presentations of our clients’ branded content to help them better promote themselves. These dynamic, interactive presentations serve as an enhancement to a company’s current marketing mix; another channel for you to engage with your customers, employees and other stakeholders.

ViewPoint’s presentations can incorporate video, photography, static content (brochure copy, for instance), up-to-the-minute product inventory, even a build-it-yourself tool that allows consumers to manipulate products and try before they buy. These presentations can appear on oversized touchscreen kiosks, massive video walls, individual tablets or other devices depending on how the presentation will be used.

Touch Helps You Communicate Clearly

Remember that childhood game Telephone where the message the last player received was far different from the one the operator first delivered? When it comes to corporate communications, that scenario spells disaster yet is all too common.

That’s where touch can come to your rescue -- by helping you deliver your branded message consistently, compellingly.

A touch-powered presentation -- at least one created by ViewPoint -- is an immersive, vibrant embodiment of your company’s curated, branded content. It’s built upon your company’s own DNA. Our skilled UX design team uses your established corporate style and strategy to shape your presentation. This way, no matter where you use it, you’ll communicate a consistent message.

So, whether your CEO shows the presentation on a large touchscreen at your company’s annual meeting or hundreds of your firm’s salespeople use the presentation on a laptop or tablet when meeting with individual prospects, you’ll be expressing your brand’s message in the same consistent way. And that’s key for building confidence in your company.

The Takeaway

Though many people associate kiosks with touchscreen presentations (again, interactive touchscreen presentations of your company’s branded, curated content), it’s not the hardware that makes the difference. It’s the presentation itself. A masterfully designed touch presentation allows you to keep employees informed and engaged, promote your value proposition internally, build brand ambassadors among your employees, and evangelize your brand externally. All while maintaining control over your message.

If you want to learn more about using touch to help you deliver a consistent message, check out our latest eBook, Fresh Ideas for Empowering Corporate Communications: Differentiate Your Business in Meaningful Ways with Touch Technology.