Showcase your Brand

Showcase your Brand with an Interactive Product Information Kiosk

A ViewPoint product information kiosk helps you heighten customer engagement through stunning visuals, curated digital content and insightful narrative that present your products in interesting ways.

We weave your sales brochures, product specs, videos and other collateral into a powerful story about your brand, and present it on your digital kiosk using ViewPoint’s interactive display software.

Here's how to use ViewPoint's interactive display solutions:

Tradeshow Digital Kiosk

  • Generate traffic
  • Enjoy deeper customer conversations
  • Tell complex stories
  • Maximize booth space

Sales Enablement Interactive Display Solution

  • Engage customers
  • Communicate a consistent brand story
  • Visualize products

Retail & Branding Product Information Kiosk

  • Create a memorable experience with your brand
  • Present product inventory in detail
  • Facilitate purchases

Gamification Interactive Display Software

  • Drive brand awareness and user engagement
  • Enhance employee performance
  • Enrich corporate training and eLearning experiences