ViewPoint Helps Flagship Bring Mercedes-Benz Showroom to the Mall

ViewPoint's touchscreen experience in the North Shore Mall allows Flagship Motor Cars of Lynnfield to influence buying behavior before purchase decisions have been made.

Information Touch Displays: A Tale of Two Brand Identities

Auto dealers are local businesses and part of their community - but are also defined by their brand and ties to the manufacturers. Touch displays can be used to highlight both.

Kiosks bring fun to in-store experiences

Interactive kiosks make learning more about a brand fun, appealing to independent and self-directed shoppers.

Creating a millennial-friendly retail environment

What lengths should companies go to to make retail spaces ideal for young shoppers? Millennials are now the group to watch, with sellers of large-ticket items such as cars suddenly finding themselves selling to the up-and-coming generation.

New sales strategies see salespeople as facilitators

With more information at their fingertips than ever before, modern customers need a new type of attitude from sales staff. Keeping sales strategies stagnant through the years could be a key mistake for retailers.

Bridging the gap between online and in-store experience

The online shopping experience is influencing how customers think. Fortunately, companies can integrate these elements into their in-person retail operations.

How have the Internet and touchscreen technology changed the buying process?

There is a movement toward digital retail, which means that even retailers focused on an in-person model should be ready to integrate some elements of this technology.

The psychology behind touchscreen displays

Consumers may react better to certain traits in digital retail interfaces, such as the ability to browse products via touch.

Maintaining customer engagement while waiting for personal assistance

Unfortunately, there's no way to ensure that every in-store patron looking for assistance will receive attention from your sales reps, especially during peak hours.

How are customers interacting with in-store technology?

We've reasoned that leveraging technology in outlets is the way to go, but before we can use it effectively, we need to know how it can be harnessed to encourage customer engagement.