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Combining the winning powers of a touchscreen with highly engaging content is sure to make your product shine in the eyes of the consumer.

Take a look around, chances are there is at least one touchscreen in your line of vision at this exact moment. That's because touchscreens are everywhere. From tablets to smartphones, you'd be hard-pressed not to find some sort of touchscreen device in every room.

Turns out, marketers should become particularly attuned to touchscreen technology. According to a recent study by the Shullman Research Center, customers who are touch-oriented spend the most money on luxury items, reported AdWeek. Of the survey participants, 17 million respondents ranked touch as their number one sense. Out of those 17 million, 48 percent of them had purchased a luxury item in the past 12 months.

Marketing via interactive interfaces
The takeaway? Touch-centric approaches to marketing may be the key to increased sales. If the Shullman study doesn't have you sold, there's more. A study from Boston College Professor Adam Brasel found that products viewed through a touchscreen are more highly valued than products viewed through other mediums, reported The Marketing Science Institute. In fact, on-site research in physical store locations has proven that touching a product via a touchscreen interface enhances perceived ownership. This type of psychological pull towards an item has the potential to draw consumers into a purchase - hence why displaying content on a touchscreen display is a marketer's dream.

Touch adds a whole new dimension to the marketing landscape. Not only are customers constantly engaged, but they are in control of their own journey. Consumers now have a sense of empowerment while still seeing the same carefully crafted marketing messages on behalf of your brand.

With ViewPoint Touch, an interactive multimedia touchscreen display, the marketing experience becomes a stimulating and informative experience. The sleek design of the custom interface allows users to easily navigate through various content items while remaining entertained.

"Touch adds a whole new dimension to the marketing landscape."

Reap the benefits of valuable marketing insights
Not to mention the fact that the ViewPoint software allows business owners to track key data and behaviors that can translate to valuable marketing insights. For example, say you are a leading auto dealer. After days of customer-to-kiosk interaction, you can track what customers spent the most time viewing, for example, how much time was spent looking into your safety features vs. the entertainment aspects of your content. Say your data points to women looking into safety and men looking into high-tech gadgets. From there, you can cater your marketing to this information. Even your sales team can get some tips from this data. Next time they approach a female customer it might be useful to lead with a safety-centric pitch.

Combining the winning powers of a touchscreen display with highly engaging content is sure to make your product shine in the eyes of the consumer. ViewPoint Touch offers businesses a way to connect with customers while still providing an appealing customer experience. What's not to love?